The Dingalings play various music from the 1950’s, and Rock and roll is a big part of our repertoire. At times or when requested, we love to play Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Calypso, Country and other instrumental music such as surf rock.

Artists: Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Hank Williams, The Everly Brothers, Link Wray, Dick Dale, The Shadows, The Chantays, Roy Orbison, Big Joe Turner, Elvis


‘You Never Can Tell’

‘Roll Over Beethoven’

‘You Can't Catch Me’

‘School Day’


‘Rock and Roll Music’

‘Too Much Monkey Business’

‘Brown Eyed Handsome Man’

‘Sweet Little Sixteen’

‘No Money Down’

‘Johnny B. Goode’

‘Thirty Days’

‘Memphis Tennesse’ Chuck Berry/Elvis

‘Almost Grown’

‘Back In the U.S.A.’

‘Route 66’

‘Jambalaya’ Hank Williams

‘Who do you love’

Blue Bayou

‘Rumble’ Link Wray

‘Heartbreak Hotel’


‘Rebel Rouser’

‘Ghost riders in the sky’

‘Bombora’ The Atlantics

‘Misirlou’ Dick Dale

‘Apache’ The Shadows

‘Sleep walk’

‘Pipeline’ The Chantays

‘Blue Berry Hill’ Fats Domino

‘Blue Monday’

‘one after 909’ the Beatles

‘Shake, rattle and roll’


Instrumental Jazz can be played over dinnertime or when requested.